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Every car needs some tender loving care from time to time. Our periodic car maintenance service in Bangalore is tailored to ensure that your car is at its max performance capability. Done at wide intervals, our periodic maintenance service aims to extend the life of your vehicles and tune up their performance. 

A Standard Car Wash 

So, what come in our periodic maintenance car service in Bangalore? We of course start with a standard car wash which involves the following, but you are welcome to bail out if you keep your car well-washed and cleaned as it is. In any case, our car wash includes: 

  • Hot wax
  • Triple foam
  • Clear coat sealer
  • Tire shine
  • Undercarriage wash
  • Wheel polishing
  • Towel dry 

Something Extra

If you want something beyond the standard cleaning job, we have The Works service wash for you. With The Works, we go the extra mile cleaning your car. We begin with an exterior wash and an undercoat flush. This is followed by a conditioning wax for the extra shine. We also shine up the tires with a power wash. Dust accumulation in the brakes are cleaned and rubber mats are washed in this package. 

Short-Term Checkups

Now into the functions, we do a quick scanning of the vehicle performance and parts. For this we run a short-term checkup in which we look into the following things:

  • The Levels of Oil and Coolants- Our repairmen get under the hood to inspect the levels of your car’s oil and coolant. If they find the levels lower than required, they replace both thus making sure that your engine stays cool evenly through the next lap.
  • Tire Pressure- The safety of your vehicle rests on the conditions of its tires. We inspect the tires visually to make sure that they are in perfect running condition. We gauge the tire pressure and keep it at the right point to make sure that your car gives only fuel-efficient rides.
  • Lights and Brakes- Lights and brakes are integral to the safe functioning of your vehicle. Since they get easily overlooked, we run a thorough checkup of these during the periodic maintenance. We look into the brake functions to see if they are engaging properly. We also inspect the headlights, blinkers and parking lights.
  • Oil and Filter- The motor oil inside the engine of your car has a variety of purposes. It keeps the engine’s moving parts lubricated, it keeps the debris out of the oil, it keeps the engine cool and it reduces corrosion of the parts. We recommend changing oil and filters at every 8000 to 16000Kms. 

Aside from these, we also check the tire alignments and small car repair in Bangalore as part of the package.

Long-Term Inspections

 In long-term inspections for periodic car maintenance service in Bangalore, we cover:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Case fluid
  • Coolant Fluid
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Spark Plugs
  • Serpentine Belt 

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