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Is it time to take your car for a quick wash? Just pull up at SVL Car Care and all your automobile concerns will be taken care of in just a flash with premium car maintenance service in Bangalore. Our wash-and-go service allows car owners to drive up to our center and get their cars washed in just a short while. 

We aim to make every vehicle spotless, streak-free and shiny and to that end we use all premium products and cleaning supplies. Car wash at SVL Car Care is done with premium cleaners, clothes and sponges that get the car looking best with just one wash. We do a two-step process that involves a wet wash followed by a powerful air dry. Once the vehicles are dried and ready, our men give them a final hand-dry and polish to make them look shiny as new. 

Rated as one of the top 10 car wash services in Bangalore, we strive to offer the best value for your money. 

Our Car Wash Packages 

If you are looking to get your car washed and tidied up, choose from our car wash packages. Below are the car wash in Bangalore packages available with us:

Exterior Wash-

We offer a rich foamy bath for exterior washes. The exterior wash involves washing and conditioning followed by a spot-free rinse. The cars are afterwards given a forceful air dry and gentle towel dry. Only ultra-soft, microfiber towels that are completely scratch free are used for hand-drying.  

Interior Vacuum-

Car interior cleaning in Bangalore involves complete clean out of the cabins. Our men dust the floor mats, vacuum the floors and roofs, seats and dashes, wipe down the dashboards and other facades and buff up the steer wheels. We also do a streak-free cleaning of the windows and clear out the clutter in the cup holders and door pockets. Seats are wiped down to the cracks and under with disinfectant cleaners and all metal accents inside the car are given a quick shine. 

Full-Service Wash-

The full-service wash primarily includes a thorough external wash and a deep vacuuming of the interior. Windows are wiped clean. Cup holders are cleaned out and the car is left looking and smelling fresh and clean. 

Customized Detailing

Our car service in Bangalore also includes top-quality car detailing for those who demand excellence. Below are what we do to detail a car:

  • A car wash with a premium-quality, ultra-soft cloth
  • Removal of all brake dirt build-up, tar accumulation and surface contaminants
  • Compounding and painting for silky smooth surfaces
  • Tire wash and wheel shine
  • Degreasing of doors and trunks
  • Handle polish
  • Deodorization of the cabin
  • Cleaning of mats, carpets and seats
  • Cleaning of all surfaces made of leather and vinyl including seats, steering wheels, dash, air vents, arm rests, etc. 

Oil and Filter Change 

For all cars coming in for a wash, we do an oil and filter replacement as part of preventive maintenance. Oil and filter changes from time to time prevents excessive friction in the engine and removes debris and dirt that obstructs free flow of oil.