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Whether your vehicle is light or heavy, big or small, it needs an engine tune-up from time to time. Engine tune-up is an excellent way to keep the performance up and the engine well oiled. Keeping it tuned-up is also the key to make sure that it works for long.

But sometimes, a tune-up is not enough. When an engine starts to fail, what it needs is an overhaul. Unlike tune-up, this one involves a lot of work and time, but can deliver great results. SVL Car Care brings to your car engine tune-up and overhaul services at easy costs. One of the top car tuning places in Bangalore, we offer complete service packages for any engine problem. 

Let’s take a closer look at the two of our services. 

What’s Included in Our Engine Tune-Up Service?

Typically, a tune-up is an inspection job that also includes quick and easy fixes. We run a series of tests on all car engines before we decide on the repair work for engine tuning in Bangalore. Here is what we do to tune up the engine:

  • Visually scrutinize the filter for clogs
  • Make sure that filter clogging hasn’t impacted the fuel pump in any adverse ways
  • Check the spark plugs to see if they need replacement
  • Examine the performance of the spark plug
  • Scan the condenser and see if it needs replacement and do accordingly
  • Check the timing of the ignition and fine-tune it as required and idle when needed
  • Examine the PCV value of the engine
  • Inspect and replace the air filters in the engine and cabin
  • Check levels of engine oil and coolant. 

Engine Overhaul Service

If your engine is showing signs of failing to turn on, it may be time for an overhaul. We, at SVL Car Care offer a wide range of services in engine repair and engine overhaul is one of them. We dissemble car engines and make repairs and replacements where needed to make sure that it’s back to its former condition. This service can help you potentially avoid spending on a new engine. Here is what we do in an engine overhaul service.

  • We do restorations to make sure that nothing is broken or worn down in the engine.
  • We remove the lower half of the engine and clean it up thoroughly making sure that there is no dirt, grease or contaminants clogging the system.
  • We take a look at the internal components like the bearings, piston rings and such things and replace what needs to be replace.
  • We recondition the inside walls of the cylinders so that the components can form a solid seal on them.
  • Finally we put the engine back together in its original form and install it back in the vehicle.

We do engine overhauls at very small costs. So, if you are worried about the expense, just let us have a look at your engine and we will tell you exactly how much it would cost. We do overhaul car care and detailing service in Bangalore for very affordable rates.