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Brakes are extremely critical to vehicle performance. They ensure safety, prevent collisions and help control speed. So, no matter how seldom you drive your car, it is absolutely imperative that its brakes are in perfect working condition. But no matter if they are not because SVL Car Care knows how to fix them and fix them really quick. 

We bring to you a Breaks checkup and cleaning in Bangalore service through which we examine the conditions of car brakes and keep them maintained. We recommend every car owner to get their car brakes checked yearly. 

Signs That Your Car Brakes Need to Be Inspected

Watch out for signs that may indicate that your brakes are in immediate need of attention. Here are some:

  • Squeaking sounds when braking
  • Grinding and squealing of the brakes when engaged
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Vibrations in the steering wheeling
  • Tire wobbles at highway speeds

Anybody who is experiencing any of these problems should get their car brakes checked pronto and avail car repair in Bangalore service. 

Our Brake Inspection and Repair Service 

We bring to you an array of fixes for brake problems. We use a combination of inspections and repair works to make sure that your cars’ brakes are at their optimum working condition. Our car maintenance service in Bangalore is targeted towards:

  • Measurement of the brake pad wears, both front and back
  • Measurement of the drum and rotor wears
  • Testing of the brake fluid
  • Inspection of emergency or parking brake

For repair, we do the following:

  • Replacement of new brake shoes
  • Replacement of brake fluid
  • Create brake bleeding
  • Replacement of brake drums or resurfacing where possible
  • Installation of new hoses, lines and other components of the braking system

Brake Cleaning 

Brake cleaning is not a service you’d commonly hear of, but it is a highly recommended one. A pretty new service, it ensures that your car braking system is free of dirt buildup at all times. Why should you have to go for a brake cleaning service from time to time? That’s because unclean brakes can have very serious consequences. For one, it can lead to premature corrosion from driving on wet roads and in messy weather conditions for years. It can make your brake squeaky and squealing. It can also cause shudder or mild vibrations in the brakes. But most alarming of all, it can lead to poor braking performance and that can compromise the safety of the users. So, brake cleaning is not a top-up but an essential service. 

Here is what we do at SVL Car Care to keep your car braking system clean and functional. 

  • We start by taking the brakes apart.
  • We then deglaze the rotor and the pad where dirt accumulation is obvious.
  • We then move to the calipers. We take them out along with sliders and other braking components and clean them one by one.
  • Once cleaned, we lubricate the components well before putting them back in.

We recommend all car owners to get their brakes cleaned once a year. This not only keeps them functioning at their maximum efficacy, but also extends their life by a significant measure.