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Did your car’s AC just break down in the middle of summer? Don’t sweat it. That happens more often than you’d believe. SVL Car Care has a full range of auto AC repair service that you can avail in short notice to get your car’s cooling system up and running in no time. We work with a team of certified professionals who are adept at diagnosing and fixing car AC problems. 

In addition to that, we also bring to you top-up and disinfection services in response to the global crisis that we are in the midst of right now. But worry not, for our disinfection services will be a staple on our menu from here on out. 

AC Performance Check 

SVL Car Care offers preventive multi brand car repair services in Bangalore for auto ACs. So, if you are not among those users who wait for their ACs to start showing signs of a breakdown till they get a checkup done, we recommend you to pull up at our car care center for a quick AC performance check. 

At our repair center, auto ACs are handled only by certified technicians with complete training and hands-on experience in car air conditioners. During the checkup, they examine the AC system for leaks that are among the most common signs of a possible breakdown in the future. If any leakage is detected, they do a quick repair to stop the leakage right away before it starts affecting any other car parts.

Other problems that can indicate AC problems are loose O-rings, worn out seals, and such things that are natural to happen over time. The best way to avoid a complete breakdown is to get them examined and optimized from time to time. 

Common Auto Air Conditioner Problems We Receive 

Rated as the best car ac repair services in Bangalore, we handle a wide variety of AC problems. The most common type of problems that car owners report are:

  • AC not cooling at all
  • Hot air blowing out of the AC vents
  • Low or zero pressure in the air that is blowing out of the vents
  • No air blowing out of the vents

AC Problems We Fix

We fix all kinds of AC problems, but below are the most commonly done repairs at our center:

  • Compressors
  • Compressor clutches
  • Parts like seals, hoses and O-rings
  • Controls, switches and modules
  • Condensers and Evaporators
  • Motor and resistors
  • Driers and accumulators

If you’d like a top-up, just let us know. We have a huge inventory of OEM parts where you can pick top-up parts for your vehicle. 

Car Disinfection

Known for best car ac repair services in Bangalore for multi-brand cars, we also offer vehicle disinfection in response to the rise in concern about hygiene. Our car disinfection service involves complete disinfection of the cabin. Our servicemen wipe all surfaces- metal, leather, vinyl, plastic and otherwise with disinfecting products. Floor mats are washed and sanitized too. So are the door handles, windows, arm rests, steer wheels, gears, pedals, and all high touch surfaces. The interiors are also deodorized with disinfectant sprays to get rid of any harmful aerosols in the cabin atmosphere.